As Decsan Engineering, with the separation and filtration experience we have gained for more than 15 years,we are aware of our responsibilities towards Nature and Life. We are the SOLUTION PARTNER of our customers on the basis of sustainability and renewability.

We follow new technologies and achieve more efficient results by cooperating with world leader brands in oil and fuel cleaning with our separation and filtration systems. We work result-oriented with Centrifuge Separators-Filters and Vacuum filters. With our advanced technology sensors, we make quality-oriented and predictive applications with analysis and instant measurements.


Under the leadership of our engineers, we provide All Brand model Separator Maintenance with European, American and Korean/Japanese origin spare parts in our Istanbul and Mersin Offices/Workshops with our trained and professional technical staff. We offer our refurbished equipment in stock with our 6-month warranty. So, we support renewable and sustainability with our engineering services.



We attaches importance to occupational safety with the principle of safety first and we proceed with a focus on security in all our works.

In our services and maintenance jobs, we use calibrated measuring and adjustment equipments. All apparatuses that our service team use, regular checks are done by our responsible engineer.

We work under with the safety rules wich we have acquired in line with our own internal and external standart training. Work is carried out with the principle of Safety First. Any operation that will threaten human health and/or life, is immediately stopped by our employees and continued by creating appropriate conditions.
The equipment used in our maintenance jobs and services are regularly checked by our inspection center and use after their suitability for work. Our measurement and adjustment equipments are regularly calibrated and certified by authorized labs.




Vertical Centrifugal Separators; MACFUGE equipment are designed for centrifugal separation of solid-liquid, liquid-liquid-solid, liquid-liquid, in all its versions, types and materials. They are distinguished in:  • Separator with automatic discharge or self-cleaning separators • Solid bowl Separa... Learn More


Moisture and Water Sensors; Liebherr has decades of experience in the capacitive measuring technology sector. Our range comprises sensor systems to determine moisture, water content, coating thickness and surface weight. By capacitively measuring the moisture and water content, our sensor system pro... Learn More

Iow Group

Centrifuge Oil Separator; The only product on the market to benefit from remote monitoring. It use Bowl disc technology and is design to eliminate cross contamination. Our Centrifugal Oil Separators cover sump capacities of 15 Liters to 1550 Litters with 4 products MP90, MP200, MP400 and... Learn More


Predictive Oil Analysis and More… CMC is produced and sold measurement, control and analysis technology for industrial and maritime customers. Discover our wide product portfolio of analytical measurement technology for gases and fluids: gas generators, oil sensors, trace moisture measurement in ga... Learn More


Fuel Continuous Maintenance and Polishing Systems; EVERGEE is serving as Critical Facilities Engineering and Business Continuity Services. Diesel Fuel Continuous Maintenance and Polishing Systems are one of the critical services given to intolerant sectors to unexpected shutdowns such as Data Center... Learn More


Hygienic Analysis, Temperature, Pressure and Level Sensors; Since 1990 Seli GmbH has been experts in the field of automation technology. Today, including more than 30 employees, do not only belong to the one of the most innovative system houses of automation technologies but we have also set a bench... Learn More


DECSAN ENGİNEERİNG is located in Istanbul and Mersin and we provide services throughout Turkey and neighboring countries. We are at your service with our sufficient and qualified employees, With our 500 m2 closed workshop and sales office in Mersin and Office / Warehouse in Tuzla İstanbul.



Knowledge multiplies and develops as it is shared. we share our experience on Separation and Oil-Fuel condition for more than 15 years with both theoretical and practical trainings. With the trainings we provide in the Separation section, it is planned that the operators can operate the equipment with maximum efficiency and prevent losses, especially in the Separator and Decanter operation section. In addition, the trainings we provide on Regular Maintenance on the same equipment ensure that the maintenance is carried out regularly and as consciously as possible, unnecessary parts use, wrong applications and faulty operations are prevented. By adopting the control points thoroughly, it is ensured that possible malfunctions and adverse situations are prevented. We provide training on all Separation equipment in the field of Maritime and Industry.



We bring used equipment back to life, both industrial and marine. Thus, we contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint on the basis of sustainability and renewability. We bring used equipments which we collect from first of all Turkey and neighboring countrieand , as well as all around the world, back to life with our expert workshop team s, and offer them to our customers under our guarantee. Our experienced workshop team provides cleaning and measurements of all parts down to the smallest detail, confirming their conformity and after confirmation from our Technical Department, performing Major Maintenance. After the tests, without any problems, the imprint service report of each equipment is recorded and the equipment is taken in our equipment stock area. These equipments are also offered to your service as a rental and we create an advantage for our customers on favorable terms. All Installation and start up procedures are organized by our Service Team.

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