Servizi Industriali Srl with his brand MACFUGE since 1987 designs and manufactures discstack centrifugal separators, to purify and separate fluids in the following sectors: industrial, food and beverage, marine and offshore, power generation, chemical, biotechnology and biorefinery. We always fulfil the needs of our customers and we are constantly working to provide high quality and efficient MACFUGE products, in compliance with safety and environmental protection current Standards.  Precision, speed and strength are the features that distinguish us and make our products unique.


Servizi Industriali with hundreds of Macfuge separators installed worldwide, has been a pioneer in the separation solutions for the biodiesel industry: its leading technology has been extended successfully to the multiple feedstock pretreatments, for both traditional biodiesel (FAME) and new generation biodiesel (green diesel, renewable diesel, HVO) . Macfuge separators offer a wide range of solutions designed to boost the value of the crude oil to be used in the Biodiesel production: our Centrifuge range from daily separation capacity of 50 T/day for small oil mils, right through a daily separation capacity of more than 800 T/day for large refineries.


The Macfuge BT series are available in three main formats -

Macfuge BT test units: for lab, research, demo and batch processing useful to validate/research new farming method or new species, extracts and post-processing. available solid retaining models (manual cleaning) for batch processing or self-cleaning models (automatic discharge), which outcome is fully scalable to larger sizes.

Macfuge BT custom modules: for continuous processing plug and play unit, for easy installation in every environment. small and medium sizes available, to replicate exactly the industrial plant flowrate and start an average capacity continuous production.

Macfuge BT industrial: larger clarifiers for industrial processing larger unit of high efficiency and capacity, derived from the long experience in liquid clarification at industrial level. customizable with accessories to complete the installation in line, answering the demand of established industrial processing.


SMACFUGE proves to be a winner in each of these challenges, thanks to a Technical Office able to dialogue with the customer and able to design customized solutions, such as:

Cleaning in place (CIP), Nitrogen blanketing, Management of dangerous products.

Thanks to the all-italian list of approved suppliers, able to provide quick and flexible answers in terms of materials and specific solutions:

Special steels, Food grade welds,ATEX control panels


Treatment, cleaning, purification, filtering of mineral oils, lubricating oils, cutting oils, cooling liquids, emulsions

MACFUGE provides complete System for cleaning industrial service fluids, such as coolants, wash and cut liquids and mineral oils.

Remove tramp oil, contaminating water or solid particles from these fluids increases considerably the life span and at the same time reduces machine's wear, leading to a better quality of the product and to a longer tool's operation. Cleaning industrial fluids reduces odors and contributes to healthier working conditions.


A line of high-speed MACFUGE separators is specially developed for food, beverage and fermentation industry's applications.


MACFUGE separators gently polish the olive oil without losses. Our models guarantee premium quality, brilliant appearance and no residue.


MACFUGE separators and clarifiers based on advanced disk stack design and high mechanical efficiency grant high level of performace in food and beverage industries. Simple and functional concept toghether with and short installation time cost saving maximize yield and reduce operating expenses.


Simple and functional concept together with and short installation time cost saving maximize yield and reduce opex. MACFUGE separators and clarifiers based on advanced disk stack design and high mechanical efficiency grand high level of performance in food and beverage industries.


Vegetable oils, animal fats, fish oil, used cooking oils (UCO) purified for: human consumption, biodiesel production, animal feed and chemistry MACFUGE discs stack centrifuges offer a wide range of solutions designed to boost the value of crude oils, animal fats (from Rendering) and fish by-products. Our high-capacity solid-ejecting separator's range start from a machine with a daily capacity of 50 tons for small plants (oil mills), right through the machines with a capacity of more than 500 tons per day for large refineries: each Customer can find the best solution in Economical, Technological and Quality terms for his specific production's tasks, thanks to the possibility to customize both the construction materials and the accessories associated.


MACFUGE separators for cleaning all fluids in the Power Generation sector MACFUGE systems are ideal for heavy-duty applications: they continuously remove impurities, such as solid particles and water, from combustible and lubricating oils.

The modular composition allows you to choose the most suitable accessories, to make the process more efficient and automated:

electric heaters,sludge handling unit, feed pumps.

Thanks to our Engineering Department, MACFUGE designs and implements solutions suitable for all applications and environments:

Offshore - Sea - Explosive - Arctic - Tropical

All MACFUGE equipment is available in an explosion proof configuration for hazardous areas (ATEX certification).

Our commitment is always focused on environmental sustainability for a healtier world!

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