Centrifugal Oil Separators


The IOW Group is an international company providing separation and filtration solutions for businesses around the world.


MP centrifuges have bowl discs which greatly improve the efficiency of our products. MP centrifuges are unique in having bowl discs for these types of centrifuges - this feature is not available from any other manufacturer.


MP centrifuges have been designed to eliminate cross contamination between contaminated oil and cleaned oil, from the unique impeller drawing oil in at the base of the units to oil-sealed components. All ensure cleaned oil and dirty oil remain separate.

ONLY 10%

Only 10% of dirty oil is fed through the MP Centrifugal Oil Separator, however, this provides significant improvements to running times between services and lubricant longevity. It also reduces man hours by eliminating unnecessary servicing.


Magnaline pumps are magnetically sealed and are completely leak free. This keeps maintenance low and Installation is easy, as there is no need for alignment of motor/pump.


Unlike any other products on the market, MP Centrifugal Oil Separators have a choice of CentriClean remote monitoring via Separator Control Units (SCUs) which can warn you or your system that they need servicing or cleaning. This helps you to avoid unnecessary maintenance and ensures optimal operation of the centrifuge.

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