Efficient products are the basis for a successful outcome. That, however, is in itself not enough for us.  Our goal is not only to satisfy the customer but to inspire them. But there is more to it than just that.

The products developed and manufactured in-house are supplemented with selected components by renowned manufacturers and integrated into the overall system as part of a solution-oriented project management.

Following up on our comprehensive approach this is not the end of the cooperation but rather the start of a unique service that we offer to our customers.


The modular temperature measuring technology guarantees that our customers can be sure of product safety in comparison with conventional technology but with significantly less effort. The modular design offers maximum individuality. A significant advantage is not only a reduction in storage charges but also decreased costs for maintenance. Perfectly matched components allow for an easy maintenance and for the exchange of possibly malfunctioning process connections, protective fittings, terminal heads as well as measuring elements by technical staff.


Our pressure transducers for aseptic applications are extremely precise and fulfil the particularly high requirements of hygienic production processes in the food industry. In general, they are equipped with aseptic measuring points and are typically programmable with the device or the computer


Our level measurement technology for the food industry is characterized by a very high measurement dynamic. The robust design in hygienic design ensures an increased service life. Media-contacting parts made of peek (polyether ether ketone), high-quality stainless steel and excellent evaluation electronics are further factors that guarantee the highest quality. All materials used in our devices comply with FDA conformity and are developed according to the respective hygiene standards of the EHEDG.


With our intelligent analytical measurement technology, we are able to react precisely and purposefully to the individual needs of our customers. Just as throughout our entire portfolio only high quality materials are used. Polymer-free seal systems and aseptic measuring points are special features that make our products distinctive and make up for the essential difference from conventional article assortments.

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